Turkey Talk

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This Thanksgiving weekend, everyone in Vancouver is going to be talking about the election. As we come together with our conservative uncles, our progressive aunts, and our apathetic cousins, here are just a few conversation starters you can bring up as a supporter of Shauna this Thanksgiving season.

The more we share Shauna’s plan for our city with our friends and family, the closer we get to electing Shauna Sylvester as the next Mayor of Vancouver.


Vancouverites often talk about our housing, and with good reason. The housing crisis affects us all. Shauna’s bold six-point action plan contains concrete steps to tackle this issue that affects folks from all walks of life. Here is are the quick pointers:

  • Using City land and assets for housing and support services.
  • Making Vancouver the North American capital of co-ops and co-housing.
  • Encouraging purpose-built housing through faster permitting and specific fee waivers.
  • Creating targeted housing authorities to enable workers to live where they work
  • Fast-tracking and cutting down red-tape for affordable housing.
  • Working with the public to complete community plans across the city.

Want to do some more reading? The more we can share with those around us how we can tackle the housing crisis - and why Shauna is the most capable candidate to do so - the better.  https://shaunaformayor.nationbuilder.com/platform

Getting around (Transportation)

How nice would it be to move from East to West through rapid transit all the way to UBC? Shauna is committed to working together with all levels of government to get the Broadway subway built.

  • Shauna has worked for five years leading Moving in a Livable Region - a consortium of all of the major transportation players in Vancouver - she supports the Mayors’ Council Transportation 2040 Plan, and is committed to advancing further transit development to meet commuter needs. She’s got what it takes and the skills to get the job done. Check out all the details here: https://shaunaformayor.nationbuilder.com/platform
  • Can we have an electric car infrastructure in Vancouver? Yes. Shauna is committed to developing a centralized structure for electric vehicles. Her platform also supports car-sharing and autonomous vehicle infrastructure among others.
  • Promoting more sustainable and healthy mobility options - Shauna is committed to updating the Transportation 2040 plan to accommodate new transportation technologies and increase the cycling target from 12% to 25% cycling by 2040.
  • Ride hailing in Vancouver? Shauna is a forward-thinking candidate that supports regulated and safe ride-hailing options.

Climate Change and our Environment

The city we love and the relationships we have fostered over the years are priceless. Much of this also depends on living in a city that’s healthy and ready to handle the unavoidable effects of climate change. Shauna’s plan is to ensure our city is resilient enough to sustain these effects and so our residents are able to maintain a healthy standard of living.

  • Shauna has solid experience: She is the founder of Carbon Talks and Renewable Cities, and has spent the last 10 years working on climate change issues with cities in Canada. She has worked with the City of Vancouver to advance their climate solutions. Shauna is got the experience, network and skills to build on our city’s momentum to transition away from fossil fuels.
  • Check out the nine commitments she has made as Mayor here to support a green and resilient Vancouver. https://shaunaformayor.nationbuilder.com/platform

Opioid Crisis

While we often hear in the news about an ongoing opioid crisis, the hard truth is that people are dying everyday because they are being poisoned by the influx of a drug that’s destroying lives and communities.

Shauna’s platform supports the proven Four Pillars approach, community support models, comprehensive care access, and collaboration with senior levels of government.

Her plan contains decisive steps to reduce harm proven by best practices, a commitment to working with all levels of government, community-based groups, and law enforcement - to ensure that the most vulnerable get the support they need before it’s too late. Her plan is holistic, taking into account mental health and and the fact that our approach to drugs and addiction is in need of modernization following decades of inaction and issues. She will tackle this issue head on. More details here:  https://shaunaformayor.nationbuilder.com/platform


While many of us are fortunate enough to share Thanksgiving with those closest to with a roof over us and without any fear to our safety, thousands on the street cannot say the same.

The City of Vancouver needs to treat the homelessness crisis as a crisis and take immediate, doable steps to address this issue. The homelessness crisis requires urgent action, including fixing up current standards, building new spaces, and streamlining assistance. Shauna’s homelessness strategy contains concrete steps to tackle this crisis.

  • The official 2018 homeless says 2180 individuals are homeless. But this doesn’t include persons staying in unsafe conditions, trading sex for shelter, or avoiding homelessness through couch-surfing. Indigenous persons, especially women, were found to be disproportionately underrepresented in the count as well. This is why we also need urgent action on housing.
  • Want to learn more about Shauna’s five-point strategy to tackle this crisis? https://shaunaformayor.nationbuilder.com/platform

Vancouver needs a Mayor that is willing to engage City services to avoid homelessness in the first place, including occupants and service users during the space design and service creation; and equally important, willing to act quickly.

Local Neighbourhood Businesses

Chances are that this Thanksgiving season you may also head out to one of our many local businesses to spend more time with friends and family.

One of the unique features of Vancouver is our vibrant neighbourhood streets like Commercial Drive, West Point Grey Village, Main Street or Denman Street. They are the lifeblood of our communities. Shauna is committed to supporting and strengthening small businesses in the city.

  • Shauna has years of experience working closely with community-oriented groups, including founding five social enterprises, working and growing up in a small family business, and serving on the boards of various Vancouver organizations.

Craving more details? Here are some of Shauna’s commitments:

  • Working collaboratively to strengthen and expand Business Improvement Associations (BIAs)
  • Rescinding city policies that are outdated, redundant or unfriendly to innovation
  • Simplifying permitting and fee transparency to improve efficiency and grappling with the escalating property tax burden that hobbles many small businesses.

She is also committed to taking action on escalating rents, property taxes and staff recruitment and following Whistler’s lead to create affordable purpose-built rentals for front-line retail and service workers. Her plan to support small businesses are bold, innovative, and she brings a wealth of experience to get the job done.