Press Release: September 5: Keeping Our City Moving and Connected (press release)

Video: Building the Broadway Subway to UBC 

Keeping our city moving is at the heart of our economy. We need a comprehensive multi-modal transit plan to get people moving faster, safer, and more efficiently.

I’m committed to working with all levels of government and partners to ensure we build the Broadway Subway all the way to UBC. We can’t create a choke hold in our transit system at Arbutus. UBC represents a key economic centre and a major employer in our region. Once we have started the digging process we need to complete the extension to UBC.

I worked for five years leading Moving in a Livable Region, a consortium of all of the major transportation players in Vancouver. I support the Mayors’ Council Transportation 2040 Plan, and committed to advancing further transit development to meet commuter needs.  

Everyone has experienced the traffic gridlock and transit line-ups in this city. As Mayor I will act decisively to ease the congestion and get commuters and residents moving and I will put the infrastructure in place to address our future needs.

When elected Mayor I will:

  • Work with our transit partners to build the Broadway Subway to UBC in a single phase
  • Develop centralized infrastructure for electric vehicles (e.g. community charging stations).
  • Support car-sharing and autonomous vehicle infrastructure, while having a transportation worker retainment program in place to preserve jobs.
  • Electrifying all City-owned vehicle fleets.
  • Updating the Transportation 2040 plan to accommodate new transportation technologies and increase the cycling target from 12% to 25% cycling by 2040.
  • Increase transportation support services like Handy Dart and innovative accessibility options for seniors and individuals with disabilities in accordance with their needs.
  • Develop a targeted plan to ease the transportation of goods & services through our city
  • Support regulated and safe ride-hailing options
  • Support a vibrant, safe pedestrian network through the city with activated public spaces

I understand that the people of Vancouver have different needs in how they move through the city and am committed to reducing wait times for all transportation modes.