Press Release: August 26: Helping Seniors Thrive (press release)

Video: Video: Vancouver Seniors' Issues

People are living longer and staying active, yet many seniors live alone, are disconnected from their communities, or feel unsupported. Growing isolation, improper mobility, and poor nutrition are pressing issues we have to act upon.

We need to work with our seniors to engage volunteer centres, community and neighbourhood houses, and other platforms to get seniors involved with social activities, nutrition support, and community living.

Our seniors don’t want to be warehoused. They want to be an active part of their communities. This is why I propose the creation of more mixed-use living arrangements such as cooperatives and co-housing so that seniors can live affordably while retaining a community.

When elected Mayor, I propose measures focused on:

  • Reducing isolation through community platforms and intergenerational activities (e.g. matching companion programs, youth mentorship opportunities, and outreach on food and nutrition)
  • Tackling affordability through mixed-use living arrangements
  • Specific programs focused on addressing senior female poverty
  • Enhancing mobility through accessible city infrastructure, enhanced HandyDart services, and better access to public restrooms
  • Care mechanisms developed in collaboration with the provincial government to provide quality support for seniors experiencing dementia, Alzheimer's, and other complex conditions.

While we look at the care and support of all seniors, we also need to address senior female poverty and violence against women. More than half of single women over 65 live below the poverty line.

We need to ensure that there is a proper link between hospitals and community services to facilitate moves to an extended care facility. And we need to consider regulating home care and enhance supports so seniors can live safely at home longer.