Rally for Our City

We only have less than a week left to get Shauna elected. Our team is hard at work talking to voters and sharing Shauna's plan to build a city for the people. This is an opportunity for us to rally together and show our support for her candidacy. Shauna will be joined on stage by some of her endorsers. 

Donald MacPherson Holly Alyea Ashley Webster Juan Clavijo Parisa Ebrahimi Mark Friesen Jack Blaney Rowan Gentleman-Sylvester Leah Bae Richa Dwor Vicki McCullough Rob Nordrum Slavica Stevanovic Sean Sherwood Nancy McHarg Peter Ladner Richard Drazeta Jeanette Oostlander Paul LeBlanc Charles Holmes Jacqueline Koerner Veronika Bylicki Marc Forby Robin Asgari Amanda Burrows Leonard Schein

Will you come?