Privacy Policy

1. This policy applies to Shauna Sylvester [The Candidate] and all individuals or entities representing or working for them on a paid or unpaid basis and who may have access to Personal Information. (“Recipient of Personal Information”)
This policy applies to Personal Information disclosed by Elections BC to the Recipient of Personal Information under the Election Act. (“Personal Information”)

2. Restrictions on use

All Recipients of Personal Information must comply with this privacy policy, the Electoral Purpose for Access to and Use of Personal Information Regulation, and the requirements under section 275 of the Election Act to:

- only use the Personal Information for the purposes of the Election Act and provincial electoral purposes, and

- not use the Personal Information for commercial purposes.

Electoral purposes includes communicating with voters, including soliciting for campaign support and political contributions, and recruiting party members.

Recipients of Personal Information must not disclose Personal Information to any individual or entity to whom this policy does not apply.

3. Responsibilities

Recipients of Personal Information are responsible for the security and integrity of Personal Information and shall safeguard such Personal Information against accidental or unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification and disposal.

4. Security

All individuals or entities with access to, or a copy of, Personal Information must take reasonable precautions to protect the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information.

Reasonable precautions include the following:

- Administrative measures: procedures to protect the privacy and security of Personal Information, staff training on privacy, limiting access to information to a “need to know” basis and the reliability of individuals having access to the Personal Information, and designating a person who will be responsible for implementing privacy safeguards.

- Technical measures: passwords, audit trails, encryption, firewalls and other technical security safeguards to minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals accessing Personal Information.

- Physical measures: restrict access to areas where Personal Information is stored.

5. Disposition of personal information

All recipients of Personal Information must securely dispose of, or recover and return to Elections BC, all of the Personal Information when no longer required for the purposes for which it was disclosed. Paper copies of records should be shredded and electronic copies should be destroyed. The following information must be tracked and
retained to document the disposal of Personal Information:

- The date the Personal Information was destroyed or returned to Elections BC.

- The method by which the Personal Information was destroyed or returned to Elections BC.

- The name of the individual who destroyed the Personal Information or returned it to Elections BC.

6. Tracking of distribution

If the signatory provides any other individual or entity representing or working for them, on a paid or unpaid basis, with access to, or a copy of, Personal Information, the following information must be tracked and retained:

- The date of provision of access, or distribution.

- Who the Personal Information was provided to.

- What Personal Information was provided (e.g. list of voters for XXX electoral district, nomination documents, etc.).

- How the Personal Information was provided (e.g. access to database, provision of electronic copy of record, provision of paper copy of record, etc.).

- Confirmation that the individual or entity has read this policy and agrees to be bound by it.

- Confirmation of the date the Personal Information is returned or destroyed.

7. Loss or theft of information or unauthorized access

In the case of loss or theft of, or unauthorized access to, Personal Information, the following procedures must be followed:

- The breach should be contained and the source of the breach identified.

- The loss, theft or unauthorized access must be reported to the Chief Electoral Officer and the Information and Privacy Commissioner. Affected individuals must also be notified if certain risk factors are present

- Any Personal Information lost must be retrieved, if possible.

- The circumstances that led to the incident must be documented.

- Internal policies, processes and procedures must be reviewed to prevent future incidents.

8. Compliance audits

Elections BC may conduct a compliance audit of any individual or entity to whom this policy applies, whereby it may inspect and review the policies, procedures and practices that relate to the Personal Information. This includes documents that must be retained under this policy.

9. Duration and termination

This privacy policy comes into effect when it is accepted by Elections BC and shall remain in effect until the Writs of Election are issued for the next provincial general election, or this policy is superseded by a subsequent privacy policy.

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