Our Supporters

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To all my supporters: Thank You.

Since the start of my campaign, I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people from every corner of this city. These people have really renewed my enthusiasm for helping this city grow, modernize, and come together in ways we have not seen before. I am also grateful to have been supported by many of these individuals to run my campaign and bring our message of hope, commitment, innovation, and hardwork to the people of this city. 

I am proud to have a campaign and a dedicated team that shares my passion for keeping our elections free, fair, and democratic without the influence of big money. While endorsements are common among candidates and fair to the process, I have always been clear: corporations and unions should not be allowed to exert monetary influence to tip the scales of this election. This was the intent of the law and should be respected. And, it is with your help that I have been able to run a campaign built on this commitment to a level playing field.

Below is a list of supporters who have been so generous to this campaign, which has helped us provided resources to reach as many people in this city as we can. Our work would not have been possible with you. So, once again, I say Thank You.

Check out my supporters here.