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Shauna Sylvester commits to supporting Vancouver’s Arts & Culture community

Sylvester says city artists need to be able to thrive affordably and feel supported by City Hall.

VANCOUVER, BC, October 5  - Mayoral candidate Shauna Sylvester announced today her commitments to supporting Vancouver’s Arts & Culture community.

“Our artists and cultural communities form the spirit and identity of this city. Without a vibrant art and culture scene, Vancouver is soulless. As Mayor, I would work to strengthen this critical sector” said Sylvester.

Sylvester announced the following commitments to the arts and culture community as Mayor:

  • City Hall will create a housing authority specifically for our city’s artists. We will work with the Community Housing sector to create affordable, purpose-built spaces for artists to live, work and show.
  • Partner with indigenous organizations to advance reconciliation through the arts.
  • Work with the Vancouver Arts Gallery to create their new home, with a vibrant commercial and residential component dedicated to the arts at the Larwill Park site.
  • Work with community artists run spaces, musician and artists collaboratives to ensure that they have a voice and vibrant presence in our city.
  • Review city policy to enable studio and rehearsal spaces within light industry zonings
  • Support efforts to expand arts programming with communities that face multi-barriers to accessing mainstream programs (e.g. in our inner city, with refugee communities, youth-at-risk)
  • Revisit festival policy and grantmaking, in consultation with the community, to ensure that it supports vibrant, accessible and diverse programming.
  • Work with arts and cultural groups, including ethnocultural and youth-serving organizations to advocate for expanded federal, provincial and foundation funding for arts and culture.

“We have a vibrant, innovative and growing creative economy in this city. We need to support our established cultural institutions, our indigenous communities and our emerging artists and recognize their contribution to our economic and social well-being.

“Our artists, musicians, cultural educators are key actors in city building,” said Sylvester.

Shauna Sylvester is an independent candidate running for Mayor of Vancouver in the 2018 Municipal Elections.


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