The challenges we face as a city require innovative approaches. To make space for truly innovative solutions, we need a Mayor who sees our government as a platform for supporting people to bring their best ideas to fruition.
My innovation platform is committed to making Vancouver a hotbed for the innovation and the creative economy.
As a city, we should constantly seek out solutions from community partners, academia, the public, and industry. I am committed to transforming our risk-averse culture into one that supports new startups and ideas. We don’t just need innovation to solve local issues; we need to ensure Vancouver is a place that can export its innovation and creativity through enterprise.
The following commitments address key focus areas to foster a vibrant culture of innovation in our city:
  • Work with City workers to modernize Vancouver City Hall by advancing service-oriented, digital and open government.
  • Focus on providing affordable housing, strong transit and electrification infrastructure, procurement policies that support local start-ups, strong education and training programs and vibrant arts, food and cultural offerings to retain and attract larger tech companies and diverse talent.
  • Support the safe and responsible introduction of ride-sharing services into Vancouver to bring the city up to speed with the rest of the world.
  • Engage universities, and the tech and innovation sector to address urban challenges.
  • Work with the Vancouver Economic Commission and key business associations to identify global innovation centres and link Vancouver for easier movement of ideas, talent, and technology.
  • Work with indigenous communities as full partners in supporting the adoption of innovative approaches to urban issues.
  • Support world-class innovation clusters focusing on areas such as digital technology, clean technology, health sciences, transportation, and creative economy.
  • Work with local tech and innovation builders to attract and retain employees and offer competitive salaries and develop transition strategies to support and retrain workers displaced through technological advances.
As Mayor, I believe that City Hall should demonstrate leadership in supporting the talent in this city to flourish and grow. We also need to ensure that we don’t leave workers behind. We need to make sure that our community, as a whole, benefits from innovation and technological change. Vancouver can truly become a world-class destination for innovation.