Get Big Money Out of Politics


City Hall should answer to the people, not to private big money interests!

The people of this city are hardworking and resilient. We pay our taxes, support our communities, and make our city a better place to live. Being a part of a democratic country, we value our ability to elect who represents us and remove those who we disagree with through free and fair elections. 

This core democratic principle comes under attack when the will of the people is usurped by the money of a few large groups or individuals. Recently, the provincial government brought in new legislation that was intended to keep corporate and union monetary influence out of our local government. However, the new law is clearly not working.

In the past few days, we learned about organized labour funneling large sums of money into handpicked campaigns to support candidates who would further their interests. These interests are not necessarily what's right or productive for the average person. However, because these interests are backed by money and paid organizers, they take precedence over good decision making.

We have seen a mayoral candidate try to run on integrity by drawing attention away from these activities and getting the public to look away and be distracted by donor lists. This deceptive behaviour and willful duping of the public is what the people of Vancouver should wholeheartedly reject. 

As Mayor, I will expose backroom dealers who benefit from this type of activity, I will create a civic lobbyist registry, and I will work with Victoria to fix the law and impose harsher penalties on violators. I can't do this alone, I need your support to make this happen. You can make a statement right now by supporting an ethical campaign and a leader who will finally get big money out of City Hall.

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