Press Release: September 7: A Green and Resilient Vancouver (press release)

Building on Vancouver’s climate leadership while committing to prepare the city for the unavoidable effects of climate change, is key to ensure our city is resilient enough to sustain these effects and so our residents are able to maintain a healthy standard of living.

Vancouver is a global leader in sustainability and we need to ensure that our efforts to transition away from fossil fuels are not stalled.

As the founder of Carbon Talks and Renewable Cities, I have spent the last 10 years working on climate change issues with cities in Canada. I have worked with the City of Vancouver to advance their climate solutions. We have made progress, but we have so much more to do.

I have committed to a number of measures during my term as Mayor, including:

  • Accelerating the transition to 100% renewable energy and implementing energy efficiency programs like installing more heat pumps.
  • Creating incentives for the adoption of electric vehicles by expanding the community charging infrastructure, enabling on-street charging and parking benefits.
  • Working with other levels of government to ensure that public funds are not invested in infrastructure which will be stranded by global market shifts, like pipelines and LNG.
  • Ensuring that all buildings are designed to address future climate conditions and hazards including heat waves and earthquakes.
  • Shifting to passive and green buildings, and creating incentives for green retrofits.
  • Developing transit infrastructure and encouraging ridership by extending the new Broadway subway to UBC and improving transit services like B-line buses, SeaBus, and HandyDart.
  • Addressing oncoming sea level rise by ensuring that all new buildings are designed and situated to withstand a one-meter sea level rise, increase parks in high-density areas to reduce flood risk, and increase permeability in all new development to reduce surface run-off.
  • Continuing city efforts targeting zero waste goals, including a renewable energy gas plant for solid and liquid waste.
  • Improving land use planning and reduce our city’s ecological footprint by increasing the number of people living on single-family lots.

I am committed to building a greener, more resilient and healthy city. This can only be achieved if we have a Mayor who is willing to use innovative and bold solutions to secure the future of this city.