David Suzuki
Award-winning Environmentalist, Science Broadcaster

David Suzuki

"I am delighted that Shauna Sylvester is running for mayor of Vancouver. She is eminently qualified to lead the city towards a brighter, fairer, more just future. She has a track record of working with people of diverse backgrounds on issues of social justice and environment. She brings them together to work toward common goals, a welcome alternative to increasingly strident and divisive politics."

Joyce Murray
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra

"Shauna Sylvester has deep experience and an understanding of our city that will serve our residents well. Our city needs a collaborative and dedicated Mayor. I'm proud to support her."

Sandy Garossino
Writer, Former Trial Lawyer, Columnist

"It’s not even really a contest--the choice is clear. Shauna Sylvester is unquestionably the mayor Vancouver needs in this election. She has my full support. It’s time."

Renée Sarojini Saklikar
Award-winning Poet, Educator, Lawyer

Renée Sarojini Saklikar

"Shauna Sylvester is a skilled and talented leader who never backs down from challenges and doesn’t side step differences. What I admire about Shauna’s leadership style is that instead of calling people out, she builds people up, she sees the best in others."

Peter Ladner 
Former NPA Mayoral candidate, City Councillor, & Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation

Peter Ladner

"I’m supporting Shauna Sylvester for Mayor because she understands how cities work, and is experienced and tenacious in getting things done."

Hon. Stephen Owen 
Former Federal Cabinet Minister & MP (Vancouver-Quadra)

Meeru Dhalwala

"Climate change is humanity's most threatening public policy challenge. Cities are central to a safe resolution. Shauna Sylvester has the unique experience and passion to ensure that Vancouver contributes to global leadership."

Meeru Dhalwala 
Author, Co-owner Vij's & Rangoli Restaurants 

Meeru Dhalwala
"Shauna is smart, compassionate, and full of integrity. She cares and she will make a wonderful Mayor."

Ross Beaty
Philanthropist, Environmentalist, Global Business Leader

 Ross Beaty

"Smart, focused, principled, and fully capable of being a terrific Mayor of Vancouver. I endorse her 100 percent."

Mary Pynenburg B.Arch, M.Pl,
 Former President of the National Women's Liberal Commission

Mary Pynenburg  

"Our next City council will most likely include people, from many different parties. I believe Shauna’s in-depth knowledge of municipal issues and her leadership skills at mediation will be especially valuable."

Jack Blaney
President Emeritus SFU, former Chair of the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
Jack Blaney
"Shauna has a proven track record of consulting, and bringing together diverse groups of citizens. She listens and crafts consensus. I particularly like Shauna's pledge to work with and support our city's neighbourhoods."

Merran Smith
Executive Director of Clean Energy Canada 

Jack Blaney
"Shauna won't just talk the talk, she'll create practical actions for the city to take on creating a clean, sustainable future for our kids."


Farid Rohani 
Businessman, philanthropist, and a champion for multicultural understanding and human rights

"Shauna Sylvester candidacy for the mayor of Vancouver demonstrates our city’s maturity. She is not in any political box nor molded by tainted adversarial politics, she has an unmatched track record of creating positive dialogue by bringing diverse groups together to work toward unified solutions.  Our city needs a mayor like her that understands our unique environmental position, our diversity, the First Nations values and concerns and can bring us together to build a city with a brighter tomorrow for all her residents.


Javier Barajas & Kasey Reese 
Latino Community Leader & Engaged LGBTQ2+, Community Member, and Sustainable Investor

Jack Blaney
"Given the expected diversity of voices and perspectives on the next city council, we believe that Shauna Sylvester’s facilitative leadership will be a key success factor in helping to ensure that Vancouver is able to move forward and grow in a sustainable, innovative, and livable way. We are impressed with her proven track record and with the breadth & depth of Shauna’s proposals on housing affordability, the opioid crisis, transit, climate change, support for the arts and culture, and concrete ways to help small business survive and thrive in our city. We are proud to support and vote for Shauna Sylvester for Mayor of Vancouver.


Al Etmanski O.C. & Vickie Cammack O.C. 
Founders of groundbreaking organizations including Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, Tyze Personal Networks, & Social Innovation Generation

"Shauna is a powerful woman practised in bridging divisions, healing old wounds, and bringing out the better angels in everyone's nature. She has the peacemaking skills to achieve results for Vancouver no matter how rough things get. We know because we've watched her achieve the impossible for close to three decades.”


Nick (Naeem) Noorani
Bestselling Author & Multicultural Media Mogul

"Shauna is not a professional politician, and that is exactly the kind of Mayor Vancouver needs. She is a career professional, who understands issues like housing that are critical to newcomers. My biggest reason to support Shauna is that she is staying away from labels and is running as an independent!"


Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas 
Award-winning and internationally renowned visual contemporary artist, author & speaker

"On October 20th I am supporting Shauna Sylvester as Vancouver's next mayor. Shauna has a long track record of competent leadership and hard work. She is thoughtful, honest, kind, and respectful. Shauna understands that Vancouver's creative community is in service of a better future for all."


Rudy North
Environmentalist and social philanthropist


"I have supported and evaluated a number of Shauna's projects over the years, each of which have been initiated by her motivation to address and solve issues. She's an adept executive leader who astonished me by her ability to execute on complex projects and bring diverse people from across sectors and political divides together."

Donald MacPherson
Executive Director of Canadian Drug Policy Coalition


"I'm backing Shauna for Mayor because I have seen her in action. Organizing. Facilitating. Challenging the status quo. And most of all demonstrating a deep commitment to bringing people together to tackle tough issues, share their concerns, learn about their differences, and find a way forward. They say that timing is everything. Shauna's skills, experience, and passion for this city would be great for Vancouver at this time."


Jennifer Breakspear
Executive Director of Portland Hotel Society (PHS Community Services)

"Vancouver needs a leader who can bring people together to find creative solutions to complex problems. We need someone who can across, and in spite of, party lines towards a better future for this city. Shauna Sylvester has been bringing people together for passionate dialogue and problem solving all her life. Shauna will work with all Vancouver for the good of all Vancouver, and that's why I'm voting for Shauna for Mayor."

Elodie Jacquet
Eastside French-Mauritian doula mum

"Shauna has demonstrated that she can engage collaboratively with a wide diversity of people, particularly on polarizing issues and yet retain her amazing ability to listen profoundly and with empathy to all sides. I believe she will make a remarkable mayor for the City of Vancouver."


Adine Mees
Business and philanthropic executive leader

"I've worked with Shauna at Vancity, in my role as CEO of Canadian Businesses for Social Responsibility and Minerva Foundation. Shauna is a seasoned executive with deep experience in board governance, financial management, and organizational development. She deeply understands urban issues and how to manage for results."