Build Broadway to UBC

No more excuses! Time to Build Broadway to UBC.

The Broadway corridor is the most congested motorway in North America. UBC, on a given work day, has a population the size of Kamloops. We absolutely cannot continue to leave this massive innovation centre and national investment resource stranded without adequate transit infrastructure. Currently, the Mayors' plan has funded the construction of the Millennium Line under Broadway to Arbutus St. 

This was a step in the right direction, but is a mistake without UBC. We cannot create a choke point in the Arbutus area, and destroy the neighbourhood, while leaving commuters with the same problem. Building the line all the way to UBC is the only solution that makes sense. Certain mayoral candidates will give you excuses as to why this cannot be done. Make no mistake, this isn't a matter of ability, it's a matter of leadership and political will. 

As Mayor, I will ensure that the City works with the federal and provincial governments, Translink, UBC, and the Musqueam to ensure that this project is built all the way in a single phase. Join me by signing the petition.

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