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'Creating the Housing We Need': Shauna Sylvester releases platform on housing affordability


Mayoral candidate announces six point action plan to address out of control housing market in Vancouver.

VANCOUVER, BC, August 30 -Mayoral candidate Shauna Sylvester held a press conference earlier today outside Connaught Housing Co-operative to discuss her plan to tackling Vancouver’s looming housing crisis.

“The housing crisis affects all of us and we cannot rest until we have a 3% rental vacancy rate and the price per square foot for housing in this city is a better match with typical wages.

“We have spent too many years embroiled in a conversation narrowly focused on building more supply. The real focus must be on providing what the people of Vancouver need” said Sylvester, emphasizing the importance of developing more purpose-built housing to create thriving neighbourhoods for children, working professionals, seniors, and businesses.

“The residents of our city deserve a decent, affordable place to live that supports a healthy work-life balance. We are a city of hardworking people and Vancouver should be a place for all us, not just those who can afford empty luxury penthouses” said Sylvester.

Her six point action plan contains concrete steps to tackle the crisis, including:

  • Using City land and assets for housing and support services , including assets held in the Property Endowment Fund. 
  • Making Vancouver the North American capital of co-ops and co-housing through immediate lease renewals on all existing co-ops, allowing medium-density rezoning, reducing application and permit approval times, and providing land for new co-op development.
  • Encouraging purpose-built housing through faster permitting and specific fee waivers for homeowners creating affordable housing on their lots, and implementing a Community Amenity Contribution fee for owners looking to build market rate housing on their lots, to be invested in rental assistance and affordable housing.
  • Creating targeted housing authorities to enable workers to live where they work.
  • Fast-tracking and cutting down red-tape for affordable housing.
  • Working with the public to complete community plans across the city.

Sylvester committed to enacting her plan as soon as she takes office, and to use her plan to address isolation and disconnection among Vancouverites. “I love this and I don’t want to see it become a resort town. I am ready to devote my time, energy, and brain power to collaboratively address this housing crisis” said Sylvester.

A video discussing some of the issues - click here.

Shauna Sylvester is an independent candidate running for Mayor of Vancouver in the 2018 Municipal Elections.


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