Press Release: August 22: Building Trust in City Hall (press release)

Many Vancouverites do not understand our city’s budget. They want to know how and where their hard earned tax dollars are being spent. My plan promotes openness and accountability in local government.

Within 100 days as Mayor, I will deliver a financial report to the public on where tax revenue has been spent.

Keeping in line with promoting transparency, I commit to delivering a financial report on the Property Endowment Fund, creating a lobbyist registry for City Hall, implementing a ban on former city staff and officials from lobbying activity for a period of one-year, and a new electoral system consisting of ward-based and at-large councilors.

A bold plan to promote transparency and efficiency

My commitment to releasing the city’s financial reports is reflected in my 25 years of experience leading finance, audit, and government committees in the private and non-profit sectors.

When elected Mayor, I am committed to:

  • Simplifying resident fees and permitting process to give permit seekers and home builders a fair understanding of the costs of their projects.
  • Call for the introduction of citizen participation in city budgeting to give the public a direct say in spending.
  • Reinstatement of orientation and training of new councilors to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities to the public and the duties required of them.
  • Introducing a lobbyist registry for the City
  • Institute a one-year ban on lobbying activity by departing city staff and officials.

One of the issues that many people have raised with me on the doorsteps is that they do not feel like they have a connection to City Hall. My action plan addresses that.

A hybrid ward system to promote democratic reform

My platform proposes a new Hybrid Ward system where five City Council members are elected to represent specific wards in the city, and five are elected to represent the city at-large. This system will ensure that Council pays attention to local communities while deciding on larger city-wide issues.

As Mayor, I commit to tabling a draft on “Principles for Effective City Building” including equality, resilience, evidence, truth, diversity, participation, and accountability, for discussion and adoption by the new City Council.

My platform takes solid steps to propose a shift in the makeup of City Hall with democratic reform to strengthen local representation and public connection to councilors.